18.03. –  26.03.2024

Foyer School of Engineering and Architecture – Bonhoefferstraße 11

Water is a fascinating substance and at the same time an important resource and habitat. We present the current projects and research activities of the Department of Water Technology.

The world has a lot of water available – in fact, over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water.

The largest proportion is salt water. Our drinking water is fresh water. Fresh water can be found in water, lakes and streams as well as in the ground, our groundwater. The ice at the North and South Poles is also fresh water. Only about 1% of the world’s water supply is directly available as drinking water. In addition, the readily available fresh drinking water is distributed extremely unevenly around the world. While some are fleeing the floods, others are fighting for a few drops of precious moisture. The history of many countries is also characterised by struggles over natural resources. In particular, access to water has been and continues to be fundamental to the survival and development of humankind. We all need water to live.

Water on earth will always exist in various forms such as ice, vapour or, as we mainly know it, in liquid form. Water can neither increase nor decrease, it can only change its physical state and location. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can treat heavily polluted and salty water to turn it into drinking water. The biggest challenge here is the cost.

Posters present the latest research results, initiatives and projects

  • Democratia-Aqua-Technica
  • Wasserhelden
  • YIP (Your Ideas to Practice)
  • Neckar Now
  • FLOW
  • Water Technology goes data science ….