Democratia Aqua Technica Conference 2022 Posters

Poster 1

Persistent Organochlorine Residues in Danume Sediments: Application of Artificial Neural Networks

Poster 2

Comparison between Two Constructed Wetland Models: Germany vs. Mexico

Poster 3

Organizing Arsenic Removal Challenges by Utilization of Low-Cost Adsorbents and Coagulants As Well As Combination of These Technologies

Poster 4

Summer School “Neckar Now III”

Poster 5

Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Spatio-Temporal Variations of Ambient Fine Particles in Novi Sad

Poster 6

Study of Removal of Micropollutants from Wastewater by Adsorption Process by Using Humic Substance

Poster 7

Comparing The Efficiency of The Biofiltration System with Humic Substances and Resin in Heavy Metals Removal in Wastewater

Poster 8

Water Karst Excursion

Poster 9

YIP-Prototype: Adsorption Process

Poster 10

The Flow Project

Poster 11

Water Forest

Poster 12

The Importance of Qualitative Goals of Waste Management