The Schedule of the Program East-West Dialogue II 2022

July 2022 Application and Selection of Participants
25-26 July 2022
1st Online Workshop
  • Presentation of the goals of the project and the project process
  • Introduction to the main topics
    • Use of humic substances on agricultural land in Russia to increase Tolerance in crops to abiotic stress, pesticide exposure in bodies of water
    • Data Science goes Water Management – Use of AI and Machine Learning to predict natural disasters to reduce Water Conflicts
  • “Innovation workshop: New approaches for Management Sustainability in Projects”
  • Presentation of the escape room
  • Presentation of the project ideas in an online dialogue with practical experts from agriculture, forestry and water management and civil society Actors
July/September 2022 Joint Continuous Group Work

Two Meetings with Prof. Gayh & Team

28 September 2022
2nd Online Workshop
  • Interim presentation of the results
  • Development of scientific posters
  • Introduction to innovative visualization and presentation techniques and exercise
29-30 September 2022
Online Conference
  • Poster Presentations
  • Technical Discussions with experts
  • Participation at Online Conference Democratia-Aqua-Technica


October/November 2022 Joint Continuous Group Work

Two Meetings with Prof. Gayh & Team

28 November – 2 December 2022
Digital Study Visit
  • Interim presentation of the group work
  • Daily afternoons: group work, professionally accompanied by Prof. Gayh & Team, HSHD
  • Daily mornings: professional input through training, workshops and lectures
  • Preparation of results for final presentation and escape room
December 2022 Final Presentation

Escape Room Presentation




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