Innovative technical soultion concepts for sustainable water resources management to promote the reduction of regional and local distribution conflicts.

Democratia Aqua Technica Projects

Poster 1

Water conflicts and cubing methods,
Case study water conflict egypt & ethiopia

Poster 2

Research on the quality change of DOC in the stored peat

Poster 3

Concentration levels of atmospheric particles PM10,
PM2.5, and PM1 during the winter season on the
territory of Novi Sad, Serbia

Poster 4

Climate change and water resources allocation: managing users’ conflicts through modeling

Poster 5

Competitive study of pharmaceutical adsorption onto novel biochar

Poster 6

Water resources management to achieve sustainable development in Bushehr

Poster 7

Conflict Research and Lake Chad Crisis

Poster 8

Reuse of Greywater in Construction Purposes

Poster 9

Case Study of Water Conflict between India and China

Poster 10

Neckar Now- Transformative approaches for a sustainable future – engineering and architectural perspectives

Poster 11

Water Technology 

Poster 12

Biological Treatment for Liquid Waste Generated in Livestock Porcesses