Day 1 Arrival
Day 2



Welcome and introduction to the project topic
Interim presentation of group work; Tour of the HSHD campus and guided tour of the HSHD water laboratory explore Heidelberg’s water highlights with an Explore app story
In the evening: Guided tour and beer tasting in the Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg
Day 3



Excursion to the Ochsenbach and taking water samples
Information on water analyses and ecosystems in streams and rivers by teachers
Discussion on water quality and renaturation with a representative of NABU; Examples of renaturation in the agricultural environment of the Ochsenbach
Day 4



Analysis of water samples in the HZHD laboratory; interim presentation of the results
Lecture “Best Practice Examples of Renaturation Measures” (Prof. Dr. Gayh); Innovation workshop “Water conflicts in the agricultural sector” (Prof. Dr. Gayh/ Prof. Dr. Gerber)
Panel discussion on water conflicts in the agricultural sector, moderated by Prof. Dr. Gayh/Prof. Dr. Turk-Seculi
Day 5


Project group work (discussion of Bach analysis against the background of case studies, discussion of solution strategies) and presentation of interim results
Excursion: Guided tour of the sewage treatment plant in Heidelberg; Visit to Heidelberg’s Bahnstadt
Day 6 Science Slam Workshop followed by Science Slam; Visit the Neckar villages and final barbecue on the Neckar meadows
Day 7 Departure