19.05.21 from 10 am – 20.05.21 untill 10 pm

Because of its importance, water is often politicized and / or ideological as a resource. Political goals such as maintaining power, regional supremacy or ideological dominance outweigh the question of technical solutions for a needs-based distribution.

How to Hackathon

Pick a suitable challenge and meet the owner for a short chat. Each group organizes itself and chooses its own communication channel. The associated pages provide an overview and archive the milestones and to-dos.

The hackathon starts with frontal instructions in the form of an impulse lecture of approx. 10 minutes.
The Challenge Owners play a central role. These support the participants in implementing their ideas and developing their skills.

Participants only become active after the brainstorming phase. Afterwards there is a discussion for about 20 minutes in order to draw up a plan for the hackathon.

The Challenge Owners only accompany the process here, but this is designed by the participants themselves. The project is handed over to the participants step by step.

On the morning of the second day, interim results are presented and work continues on the respective challenge.

Documentation and presentation, in the form of a PDF with a maximum of 7 pages, should begin no later than 2 hours before the end.

The PDF should contain the following content: problem description, target group, solution, concept including milestones and schedule, team presentation, vision and next steps. You are also welcome to include a prototype, graphics, mockups or the like.


For users to sign up to a challenge you will need register. Once you’ve signed in for our Hackathon tool you can join our challenges and be part of the project. Afterwards, every user can work on a project and use various social media options. There is also an explanation in the link below.