Democratia Aqua Technica Conference 2021 Posters

Poster 1

Improvement in Performance of Anaerobic Digestion via Conductive Materials; Granular Activated Carbon and Hematite

Poster 2

Development of Sludge Waste Management Models in Serbia

Poster 3

SME’s Water Footprint

Poster 4

Water Pollutants in Aquatic Environment, Toxicity Potential on Water Quality: A Case Study of Tanzania

Poster 5

Water Wars: How Control of Access Contributes to International Conflicts

Poster 6

Evaluating Process of Low-Cost Devices and Their Efficiency for Air Quality Monitoring

Poster 7

Ideation in Global Teams

Poster 8

Support of Sustainable Development: Ecologicaly and Economicaly Beneficial Technologies for the Removal of Emerging Micropolutants from Wastewater Effluents

Poster 9

PM Emissions as a Conseqence of Cooking Activities

Poster 10

Enhanced Removal of Ciprofloxacin Using Humic-Acid Modified Hydrogel Beads

Poster 11

Application of Science in Environmental Decision Making: Alternative Monitoring of Dissolved Lipophilic Organic Pollutants in the Danube River