Challenge 5

Water Usage and Conflicts.

Water is the basis for life on earth.

Water Usage and Conflicts

Water is the basis for life on earth. In general, the world has a lot of water at its disposal – in fact, over 70% of the earth ‘s surface is covered with water. But salt water has the largest share on our Earth. Available fresh drinking water is extremely unevenly distributed around the world.

While some people flee floods, others struggle for a few drops of this resource. The situation of global water resources is deteriorating rapidly, and the “water crisis” is becoming more and more serious. On the one hand, the human demand for water resources is expanding at an alarming rate; on the other hand, the increasingly serious water pollution erodes a large number of water resources available for consumption.

Rather than storing the water in a manually designed way. Water storage in natural method using natural resources (eg.coconut coir) which the soil can accept to decompose. One challenge is to develop the tree in a cold region

Challenge for this Hackathon:
Review and discuss available suggestions to curb water conflicts
discuss water storage using natural resources
Develop a future strategy with sustainable engaged imagination integrating innovative scenarios, e.g development the tree in a cold region.

World map showing water conflicts all over the world collected during the Hackathon 2020:


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