22&23 September 2022

Innovative Technical Solution Concepts for Sustainable Water Resources Management to Promote the Reduction of Regional and Local Distribution Conflicts


Key Speakers at the conference:

– Prof. Dr. Maja Turk-Sekulić (University of Novi Sad)

– Prof. Livier De Regil (UNIVA)

– Prof. Dr. Jelena Radonić (University of Novi Sad)

– Luke Hally (HIIK – Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research)

– Prof. Dr. Elena Gogina (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering)

– Prof. Dr. Yasemin Yilmazel (Middle East Technical University)

– Prof. Dr. Sandor Szalai (Szent Istvan University)

– Prof. Benjamin Zierock (SRH Hochschule Heidelberg)

– Prof Dr. Ulrike Gayh (SRH Hochschule Heidelberg)